Joint Venture Agreement

Social Legal Services commands extensive experience in bringing about highly productive, profitable, and strategic joint ventures to beat ever-growing competition in the global business, and eventually emerge as the market leader in the desired fields. We help individuals, companies, institutions, and, private and governmental organizations of all over the world in establishing visionary and highly promising joint ventures in any or more desired countries smoothly and rather cost-effectively. Our responsibilities cover everything from the very initiation to the final accomplishment including:

  • In between legally sound drafting of all documents and agreements,
  • Government approvals,
  • Management and governance of the venture entity,
  • Confidentiality maintenance,
  • Dividend policy,
  • Tax planning,
  • Dispute resolution
  • Provisions for winding up and termination.

So far, we have successfully accomplished joint venture in Nepal and a number of other countries in wide range of sectors.

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